Davy Arnaud for Seth Sinovic: Why Sporting KC definitely ended up on top

Courtesy of Chris Reimer

     I can remember watching Seth Sinovic back in his college days about 4 years ago.  He captained Creighton University Bluejays of Omaha, Nebraska for 2 years.  Coming to the team as a walk-on he cemented his place in the starting lineup and marked his place as a key player to the Creighton defense.  Besides the Nebraska Cornhuskers, the Creighton Bluejays’ Mens soccer team can be considered the next biggest thrill to watch in Nebraska.  During the games I got to watch as a Creighton fan, Seth Sinovic’s energy and drive to succeed were very evident.  He could score, assist, and be a vigorous defender all in one game.  Little did I know that I would later have the privilege of watching this Leawood, Kansas native play for the MLS team I love and support, Sporting Kansas City.

     At the end of the year, confusion filled my mind at how Sporting KC could have ended the year on such a sorrowful defeat in the MLS Cup semi-finals after overcoming many obstacles throughout the season such as being the worst team in the MLS at one point in the season.  I was only getting more excited, however, at the thought of next season being better than the last.  As the many MLS drafts, specifically the Expansion draft, were beginning to roll around I began wondering who (if I was Peter Vermes) I would keep and let go from my team.  Many players names began to fill my mind but one that I could not imagine being left off the “protected roster” was Seth Sinovic.  He started the year off as a unused sub during SKC’s dismal start to the season.  Around May though, Sinovic began to have his chances and began being used as a starter for the team.  Results began to come together, goals were being scored, clean-sheets were being collected.  I am not saying the Seth Sinovic was the only reason SKC was finally getting the results they wanted.  He did however play his role in achieving that success.  What Seth brought to the defense was what he was always good at.  A good work rate, a defender who loves to work up the wing and whip in crosses, and the occasional slide tackle to the opposing player.  He fulfilled his duties as a defender.

     But alas, Seth was left off of the “protected roster”.  And subsequently he was drafted by Montreal Impact.  Montreal were smart in picking up Sinovic.  He proved his worth in the 2011 season.  But fans like myself were shaking our heads as to why we essentially surrendered one of our best defenders.  In just a few short days Seth ended up being back on SKC and Davy Arnaud was traded for Seth Sinovic and allocation money as well.  So maybe Peter Vermes did this on purpose to gain some money, I don’t know.  But what I can tell you is that we ended up on top with that deal.  Yes, Davy Arnaud was a leadership talisman and an brilliant play-maker for Sporting Kansas City all over the years.  Sporting Kansas City/Kansas City Wizards was the only professional team Arnaud had played for.  His numerous accomplishments will not be forgotten.  But with most things, change occurs and this can bring about better results.  In the long term, this deal will prove very profitable for the Sporting Kansas City Dynasty.  Davy Arnaud has been plagued with injury recently and he wasn’t able to work his way back into the starting lineup.  But nevertheless Arnaud is a fantastic player and he will hopefully be able to carry his skills to to help the Impact to a satisfactory opening season.  Good luck Davy and to Seth this year.  Davy Arnaud, you were an excellent player.  Thanks for everything.  Good luck to you as well Seth Sinovic.  Bring us clean-sheets aplenty!

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  1. Welcome to the SKC blogosphere. Keep it up! I added you to my collection of blogs and media sources: http://www.adastraskc.org/2011/09/sporting-kansas-city-news-sources.html

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