Sporting Kansas City-What to expect in 2012

2011 was a breakout year for Sporting Kansas City.  The team experienced a revitalization filled with a new stadium, new team colors and logo, and new players.  Sporting Kansas City, however, found itself at the bottom of the table losing almost every game in the first weeks of the season.  Many people began to question how well the team would play that season and if they really could breakout and become a top-notch MLS team.  But once SKC started playing games at home in their new Livestrong Sporting Park, the team became cohesive and started creating results.  I expect the team to pick up right where it left off last season, which was being a part of the top-4 best teams in the MLS.

While SKC might have lost some good players in the January transfer window, we picked up many new players that can add experience and youth to the depth of the squad.  Additions like Bobby Convey and Paulo Nagamura will only increase the skill of our team.  Sporting Kansas City is finally becoming a top-notch team again and gaining the respect it deserves.  The constant support of fans new and old, the large turnouts and constant sellouts of games, and the thrilling atmosphere of a SKC home game are features that not every MLS team can brag about.  I expect Sporting KC to have another excellent year in the MLS season.  As the weeks go on and the closer it gets to the season opener I will be writing about more focused topics dealing with the team.  Until then…SPORTING…KANSAS CITY!

About brettroenigk

I'm a Political Science and International Relations major and passionate fan of soccer.
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