Manchester United or Manchester City, who will be the Champion of the EPL?

For awhile it looked as if Manchester United would take the Premier League Title once again.  Then it looked like Manchester City would take the Premier League Title from the Red Devils. For the past 5 months it has been going back and forth numerous times based on each teams performances against other teams and each other.  But along each teams campaign they have had their own hardships ranging from both teams being kicked out of Champions League, from Carlos Tevez child-like refusal to not play against Bayern Munich, to David de Gea struggling in his first year in the EPL.  Both teams are looking to win the Premier League this year.  But who will win it?

There is no doubt that both teams have very good squads.  But Manchester City’s squad is definitely the deeper of the two.  Roberto Mancini’s transfer capabilities are much larger than what Sir Alex has to work with.  Manchester City could almost field two Premier League teams if they wanted to.  But the downside to a deep squad is that the team has many good players who all want to play.  This can cause anger within the team and frustration between players.  This environment can be destructive if Manchester City find themselves losing their lead in the title race and even if they fall into 2nd or 3rd in the league.  Manchester City needs to keep their best players fit along with rotating the team every now and then to rest players if they want to win the league, which they easily can.

Manchester United.  Those two words can be understood in almost any country you set foot in.  The club is one of the most popular in the world due to their exquisite style of play and their can-do attitude into most of their games.  They have been very successful due to their manager Sir Alex Ferguson.  He has been around since 1986 and since then has accumulated numerous trophies and awards.  His expertise as manager is one of the best ever seen in the world of soccer.  Sir Alex can be the key to Manchester United success, along with his players of course.  Ferguson’s leadership coupled with his talented team can win the Premier League title once again if they put their mind and heart to it.  They need to know at the end of the day that they can be the best and prevail if they continue to put their faith in Sir Alex to make the right choices such as starting XI, substitutions, formations, tactics, etc.  If Manchester United players focus on getting clean sheets and getting used to their goalkeeper, whether it is de Gea or Lindegaard, and if they forwards can link up and score like they should, they will find it much easier to win the Premier League title.

As far as goalkeepers go, Manchester City are very comfortable with the formidable Joe Hart.  He is one of, if not, the best in the league.  He is typically consistent and is a great fit for Manchester City.  As for Manchester United, the young David de Gea’s skill can’t outweigh his lack of experience.  He has let too many goals in this year due to mistakes, and possibly, his defense’s lack of faith in him.  Lindegaard has been more successful in terms of goals conceded per game.  Whoever Ferguson chooses for the upcoming games, the defense must put their faith in their keeper.

I am predicting that Manchester City will win the Premier League title this year.  It will not come easily, however.  Manchester United, I predict, will only be a small number of points behind Manchester City at the end of the season.  Both teams are now relieved of Champions League pressure and each team can now focus on the Premier League.  But it will come down to little mistakes and games where ‘draws’ should have been wins.  Manchester City will be making less mistakes then Manchester United this year.

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2 Responses to Manchester United or Manchester City, who will be the Champion of the EPL?

  1. JBP says:

    Why do you already have it narrowed down to Manchester United and Manchester City? No mention about Tottenham. Also, Manchester City will be without Yaya Toure due to the African Cup. He plays a vital role in the performance of Manchester City. Yes, they are deep, but he solidifies City’s middle. He is their rock. Toure is able to get up and down the field, being more of a presence than any other player they have.

    Manchester United has been weak the past few weeks. They have yet to play their best football, and will they? It’s obviously possible. But, I think you should have touched on Tottenham’s chances as well.

    Will any of these three (the top three teams in the premier league) pick up someone substantial during the January transfer window? I know Kaka is looking to be moved from Real. Any takers?

    • brettroenigk says:

      I agree, I honestly think Tottenham will do very good this year. I was just focusing on the city of Manchester as a whole and not ruling out the other teams. I was just comparing and contrasting between the two. But honestly I still believe that Manchester City will get first, Manchester United 2nd, etc… As far as transfers go anything is up for grabs. It doesn’t look like Manchester City will grab anyone big, if anything they might drop Tevez to AC Milan, but maybe Tottenham will pick up someone. Transfers are a big deal, but as far as juts comparing between Man City and Man U goes, I wasn’t going that far into it.

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